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Amazing Artist – Mary Jane Ansell

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Today I stumbled across an amazing artist by the name of Mary Jane Ansell – Click on her name to check out her website.

See some of her paintings below:


This video will change your life………maybe

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I found this video the other day which is a great piece of inspiration. If you’re an artist watch it and allow your life to be…..changed:

They should show this to kids before they go to college. It definitely makes you think and realise that you don’t necessarily have to join the rat race. But what about money you say – well happiness is more important….right? Riiiiiiiigh? Is it? I’m not really sure. Can I pay my mortgage with happiness? I’m not sure -  i’ve never tried.

Websites for artists – Attention Artists!

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If you’re an artist and you want to show your art online then Websites For Artists have an offer specifically for artists. You can have your artwork displayed on a website plus pages for information about your work or a bio and also a shop to sell your work. You will have the ability to update the site yourself, so you don’t have to keep paying someone else every time you want to upload a new piece of artwork. There is also the feature of having your own blog on there – just like this one! :D

I know a lot of artists aren’t the richest people in the world so this might be a good thing for you – maybe………maybe not.

For more details on websites for artists click the link.

New website by Springz Art

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I’ve now finished my website and there you can see a lot more of my art. I have also now started to do commissioned portraits for people. So click the link – Springz Art

Cool artists

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Here’s some cool traditional artists i’ve found while surfing the web:

Omar Ortiz

Johnny Palacios

Luis Royo

Airbrush speed painting by CrazyBrush

// March 3rd, 2012 // No Comments » // Other Airbrush Videos

Here’s an awesome airbrush painting of a dragon on a car by CrazyBrush. Enjoy:

Ed Hubbs Airbrush tutorial

// March 3rd, 2012 // No Comments » // Ed Hubbs

Browsing through youtube, i found a great video tutorial by Ed Hubbs on how to use paper stencils with airbrushing. It’s simple yet effective. Check it below:

This weeks 5 favourites – airbrush art

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My favourite airbrush art of the week:

The King of Animals by Jasvena:

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Skyline Movie – Art in the apartment

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I saw the movie Skyline in the cinema starring Eric Balfour and that dude from Scrubs and that other dude from Dexter. The movie was pretty terrible for the most part but there was some intriguing artwork on the walls of Donald Faison’s apartment. I remember thinking how cool it looks but after that forgot about it.

Well recently I recalled the artwork and wondered if i could find out who painted it. I tried all sorts of searches on google, like “donald faisons painting in skyline movie”, “skyline movie art” etc but couldn’t find anything. So i bought the movie on dvd and took a screenshot of the scene that one of the pictures is featured in, you can see it below:

Next I used google’s image finder and uploaded the above picture from Skyline and what do you know, it found the originator. Amazing what you can do with the internet.

So the artist who painted this is Shannon Crawford Check him out.

This weeks 5 favourites – Airbrush art

// February 16th, 2012 // No Comments » // 5 weekly favourites

This is the first post in a continuing theme of my 5 favourite airbrush paintings i’ve found around the web. I’ll be posting my fave 5 every Thursday.

So without further ado and in no particular order:

Jennifer Anniston by Airbrush Dreams:

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